Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OPI: NYC Ballet Collection Swatches

Ok, so I am a tad late on posting these but I haven't even had the time to swatch these yet. They have been sitting in my bin for a couple weeks! Anyway I got the mini collection and there is 4 colors from this collection. I only bought one full size which was the Pirouette My Whistle.

I decided to do one swatch on each nail, these are so sheer and alike looking that I thought it would look good to compared side by side, plus I like the look I came up with! I'm glad I only got the mini's because these are so sheer and close in color that you really only need one or two. On my nails I have multiple coats, at least 6. The glitter polish (Pirouette My Whistle) is a really good chunky glittery polish. I like it better than the glitters from the Muppet's collection. The big chunks are not to overwhelming. These also might look really great on top of a base white too!

Did any of you get any from this collection? How did you feel about them?